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Event Cosmetics

Just as we change our wardrobe for special occasions, our make-up should also reflect those extraordinary events of our lives and the specific looks that we seek to capture.  

Make-up not only reflects who we are, but can also convey how we feel. It is both a mirror and a barometer of mood. Color can stimulate or subdue. It can charm or soothe. It is a powerful tool that can capture personality, attitude, and temperament and it should change as often as we do. 

At Synora Beauty we've made a color easy by marrying it to exclusive life events and those special "looks" that we reach for time and time again. The ones that matter most. 

So when you think about make-up colors and shades, ask yourself some questions. Take personal inventory. How do you feel today? Are you calm and composed? Are you confident and in charge? Are you fiery and impassioned? And, what attitude do you want to convey to the world? 

Review the event and mood groupings below and choose the look that best suits  you, and we'll guide you through the color process. It's that simple. 

We live in a world of beautiful and wonderful colors, and we believe that make-up should reflect the full spectrum of who we are and all the exciting things that we do. Let our "Event Cosmetics" help you select the right make-up for the right moment.