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Inn Her Beauty Collection

2 in 1 Seductive Lip GelWhat Define Us
At Synora Beauty we believe that the greatest breakthroughs in anti-aging and the most coveted secrets of internal and external beauty rest wholly in the natural world. We have explored the fields, forests, and oceans of the earth to identify the most powerful fruits, plants, botanicals and sea vegetation for their restorative and preservative properties.

Exotic Naturals
Our botanical-based skincare products feature ingredients that we call our "exotic naturals" with antioxidant-rich elements to protect skin cells and reverse the damage of age, lifestyle and environmental stressors.  

Our Formulations Contain: 
 Manuka Honey 
 Apple Fruit 
 Algae Extract 
 Aloe Vera 
 Arnica Extracts
 Apple Fruit 
 Sea Herbs

2 in 1 Seductive Lips


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